New ways to waste my time

well, i’m starting to get pretty bored with my games…i’ve beat them all several times. anyone got any ideas? i’ve got a fairly open mind to games…what i’m looking for would be mostly GBA games, but any random PS games would be good too.

for gba i’ve already got:
adavnce wars 2
Golden sun: Lost Age
Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones
Fire Emblem…i think it’s VII
Metroid Zero Mission

is the original golden sun worth getting even after i beat the second one? i read books and play games the same way…out of order


Metroid Fusion ain’t bad. Mario Advances 2-4 are awesomeness distilled (although save the Sonic advance games for another time). And of course either WarioWare game is a perfect way to just haemorrhage about six hours of your life each play.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

The Japanese Fire Emblem on GBA (FE6) is fairly easy to play. If you liked the other FE games, you’ll like that one.

Also, the original Final Fantasy Tactics on PS is rediculously good. Infinitely better than Tactics Advance. You should play that.

the only problem is i love hearing the story the first time round…are they gonna bother putting the rest of the FE games into English? i relly hope so, cuz i love those games.

I haven’t heard anything about it. But you can get a script translation online and read it as you play.

FFIV Advance will be coming out soon. I’d suggest waiting for that. The Tactics Ogre GBA game is pretty fun though.

i’m counting the minutes til the next one i’ll have the chance to buy that. i hadn’t heard anything about tactics gre before, so i’ll check that out. and i had metroid fusion at one point…til i beat it five or six times. it was too easy the first time around and i was kinda wishing it had multiple difficulty settings like zero mission. it seemed like the whole thing, even fighting the SA-X was way too easy. the Ridley fight was the hardest…as in the only one that posed a challenge.

The third Castlevania game (was it Aria of Sorrow?) is excellent. The lufia game isn’t as good as the other Lufia games, but it isn’t horrid.

aria of sorrow was pretty sweet…until the last boss fight. all you had to do was use the Curly spirit over and over flying from one side of the stage to the other. you take no damage and you kill Graham fairly quickly. I played circle of the moon too and that was also cool…until the last boss fight, which i found virtually impossible…so i sold them both. although only after much exploration of the catles and finding dang near every item in the game, never mind the players guide. although i’ve looked for ANY of the lufia games for any version of the gameboy, i can’t find any anywhere. and i don’t buy 'em off the internet…parent’s rule.

GAmes are the best way to spend your free time

Dont really bother with PS except for FF, Frontier, and Star Ocean, and a couple others. A lot of it is grainy jaggedy pixellated graphics. PS2 is way better

SNES beats all, though

Golden Sun is better than the sequel, and also play final fantasy tactics advance. Phantasy Star is OK. And i dont think FF3 is ever coming out on DS

FE6 is harder than FE7 and its only in japanese. FE7 is the prequel to FE6

Tactics Ogre isn’t as good as other RPG tactics games

The PS1 Gen is only worth getting if that game isn’t in the PS2 gen.

FF4 is Availible on GBA in America and unoffically in the UK. (I got this (Spoony’s snapped it but It’s in): )

Golden Sun is better than the sequel, and also play final fantasy tactics advance./QUOTE]

tactics advance is pretty boring since i’ve beat it so many times, so i’ll try out Golden Sun. i thought Lost Age was pretty sweet though.

You can always get Cid and do his series of missions, but they’re too easy, and the secret ending isn’t that great

Wish i had somthing to kill time. :slight_smile:

Well all you have to do is buy a playstation 2 and start collecting rpgs like Star Ocean 3 and Final Fantasy X. The system and games are more affordable now

Unfortunately, they dont sell any good pS1 games anymore in my area. I wish i would have bought Tales of Eternia