New virus strikes cell phones

The only thing that peeves me than people who talk on their cellphones too much, is people who never leave them on. My brother got a cellphone about two months ago and I’m never able to call him. He turns it off when he’s at home, school or on the bus; which is about 90% of the day. I can only call him on the rare occasion that he’s walking somewhere or at someone elses house (and not in the basement).

Well, when I accidentally locked my keys in the radio station last night, I was able to use my cell phone to call my boss so he could get a co-worker to unlock it for me. So people who bash cell phones in general can go fuck themselves. :3

:ulty: And what’s more, they probably do! [runs]

If any Noika with Polyphonic and WAP or GPRS. Try this address on your phone(Case Sensertive) (Note this is going soon). (EDIT: The Full address. not just what yousee)

And Declare your Allegence to RPGC. And to it cheaper too. Try soon though. (If RPGC Servers allow remote linking, type your the pictures adress in your Wap browser and obtain a Wallpaper for yourself for a faction of the cost)

Back to orignal Topic: Most of my friends have a blue tooth but I won’t get infected by that particular Virus seens as i have a 3510i, (No Bluetooth)

Big Nutter

I don’t know about the 3510i since I haven’t worked on that model, but I know that the Nokia 7650 (which includes the N-gage) and the Nokia 3650 (camera phone) are both vulnerable to it since they both have bluetooth and run Symbian.

It’s sort of a shame that the virus goes after phones running Symbian, I kind of like it, out of all the models I’ve worked on I find that phones running Symbian are the most user friendly.

It won’t, it hasn’t got bluetooth. But if you type that link in to your wap browser you can get a Chocobo tune curstery of Big Nutter and His mum. I’ve got it on my 3510i.

Big Nutter