New virus strikes cell phones

Well, it’s a world first, the first virus to target cell phones has finally appeard. Swell ain’t it?
clicka clicka

intriguing. now if they could just make one to render them inoperable in the presense of an automobile… (yes, I know that is probably impossible)

Another step forwards for technology.

Why does this make me really happy?

Sounds like an ill omen of things to come. I really despise the people who are on their phones and turn their speakers way up in traffic though. Not being very considerate for people when they do that.

you too, sin? cell phones are annoying devices anyway. they must die.

Or the dozens that can’t let their social live wait during a 50 minute class.

We all most certainly wish this.

Nothing wrong with cell phones until they’re abused. Like, as Sin said, actually answering your damn phone in class. Or letting it ring for a good loud couple minutes. Especially good to do that during finals! Idiots.

Anyway, my phone doesn’t use Symbian OS, so yay me ;p

Hear, hear. I’m so glad to hear someone not bashing cell phones. I don’t think they’re a God send by any means, but there’s nothing more convenient that being able to call a friend on the way somewhere instead of going back home first (and I mean in a parking lot or in a drive thru, I try not to use the phone while driving, and if I have to, I turn it on speakerphone, and typically let the passenger do the talking). Also unlimited long distance is useful. And since Verizon apparently thinks that I’m not good enough to have a house phone, my <A HREF=“”>talkin’ taco</A> is pretty much my only option.

Cell phones + Cars = Gross stupidity. Especially around my old high school, where all the snooty rich kids drove around in their Lexus, Mustangs and SUVs at 120 km/h while chatting on their cell phones. I’m suprised that we’ve only had one major accident so far because of this.

It’s one thing to complain about people being careless drivers because they use cell phones while driving (though I argue that most people can do it without being careless). However, it’s still the PERSON that’s being careless. The PERSON is to blame. It’s just like people who blame guns when someone kills someone. The gun didn’t do it, the person holding the gun did. When children shoot up their high schools, playing Quake didn’t do it, the kid did. Cell phones aren’t evil, nor are they abominations. They means of communication, and good ones at that.

I agree with sat, cellphones (mobiles over here :wink: are amazing inventions, and definitely do more good than harm until, of course, they find their way into the hands of the idiots (read that: masses). Fortunately (and getting briefly back on topic here) they’re likely to be the people most affected by this virus. :-p

My pet peeve are the people who have these 2-minute long polyphonic ringtones, and insist on playing allk of it before answering the damned phone, or worse still, running through every ringtone on their phone, little realising they’ve fucked up their battery’s charge so much that the actual call is likely to last 4 seconds- provided, of course, the person calling them hasn’t hung up first (much as I would have done- 6 rings and yer out).

I give up at 4 rings. :smiley:

BTW, my <A HREF=“”>ringtone</A>, courtesy <A HREF=“”>MatrixM</A>.

How did I know that would be your ring tone before clicking the link o_O

Nice, I need to get myself one of those.

I’m not going to argue too much blame here, because in THE VAST MAJORITY of cases, it is the individual’s fault, but working in a Munitions plant has taught me something very scary: Bullets can kill people, without a person pulling a trigger.

shudders remembering the safety video

I hate those people.

Best ring tone i have heard to date.But Delita how did the bullet kill the person if i may ask?

Mine is too old! And always switched off.