New VG cover band- The Megas!

Fuck it all.

Euhm VE, there is nothing original about a vg cover band that does a lot of MM. It gets done a_lot. Nintendo comes in 2nd and SE a distant 3rd. The minibosses, the NESkimos and Powerglove have done it and a whole lot less weird than by adding lyrics to it. Another band that comes to mind that also did that but was REALLY bad was the Repliforce.

There was another band with two albums out that added their own lyrics. That* stuff was horrible.

edit:*meaning the other one

I’m listening to “The Annihilation of Monsteropolis.”

They’re like almost every other VG cover band I’ve ever heard. Skilled musicians, mediocre compositions, shitty mixing.

Not that they’ll ever read this thread, but the following things need more attention imo:

  • The volume of the guitars needs to be tripled. This is not a matter of taste. I can see what sound they’re trying to achieve and they’re just… doing it wrong. They need to decrease the distortion just a bit and let volume take care of the rest. The guitarists in this band are skilled, and although the singer himself isn’t bad, he should probably take a backseat to the shredder, especially since this is a VG cover. Ironically, synthy guitars don’t make for good covers of synthy songs.

  • The composition needs more variation. Right now it’s verse-chorus-verse-chorus etc. which is fine, but every time they do it, the music is exactly the same, note-for-note. They don’t necessarily need any fullscale changes but they at least need to add little embellishments here and there to make their music a little more interesting when they’re playing it for the third time in a row.

  • The drum track is too basic and there’s way too much cymbal. I’m just bored with the drums in this song. The drummer’s not really doing anything. I just want him to… do something.

Trying not to be TOO picky, I think there’s a lot more they can improve on than what I mentioned, but those three things would really start to make them a force. Right now they’re weak.

Eww, Game Over does this so much better.