New to the PSP

I had to stop by a local mall (this is NJ. We have many) the other day to pick up a sign of my manliness that I could wave at potential employers when the time came (red tie). I also left with a PSP and FF7: Crisis Corps. I hadn’t paid attention to the PSP since its release, so what are the good RPGish games out there for it? I’m getting a little tired of booting up Square games to find random bells and whistles which make no goddamn sense tacked on, so I expect I’ll pick up a different game fairly soon. I assume all the Ys material must be pretty good, but what else?

Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3? Tactics Ogre?

The Final Fantasy Tactics remake. It’s pretty much an exact port with some extra classes.

I found Tactics Ogre to be fairly disappointing.

My current favorites include:
-FF Tactics: War of the Lions
-Disgaea Infinite
-Star Ocean First Departure
-Brave Story: New Traveler
-Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
-Valkyrie Profile Lenneth
-Crisis Core FF7

Games I own but was “meh” about:
-Wild ARMs XF
-Jeanne d’Arc
-Persona 3 Portable
-Dissidia Final Fantasy (addictive but lots of annoyances)

You assume correctly in that the Ys games are quite good.

Wait? VC3 is out already?

That said, VC2 looked kinda mediocre to me, but then again I probably should pick it up anyway just to find out for myself because it’s probably the closest I’ll get to owning VC1.

Well, yes, in Japan. I forget sometimes to check if it’s actually been released in Europe or the US.

I enjoyed Wild Arms XF a lot, thought it annoyed me that some of the questions made in the story (most notably whether the two identical-looking characters were related or not) were not answered conclusively. It looks and plays great, though.

“Disgaea Infinite?” Must research that one…