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It’s about what you think will happen to the world and how civilization works once we have robots doing everything for us.

We’ll all get even FATTER. (See: Wall-E)

forgot i made this

GSG… Do you… do you have Down Syndrome?

Let’s try and stay on topic, Hades. Ask him if, in the future, a robot would do that for him.

It’s like you have no regard for the topic of a thread or somethign jeez

If there’s ever a time robots are doing everything for us, civilization would cease to exist.


If everything includes paying the rent, working and losing by a goal/shot/touchdown just as the game ends, I say let 'em in. But it’s more probable you’ll be working to pay both the rent and your debt for your new robot. Only trust androids called Bishop.

but this abomination of a thread doesn’t even have a title! o.O

But, in the future, would a robot title it for us?

Arac, are you Dayln?

No. The only other name I’m commonly known as online is VacantGreen.

Robot girlfriends?

Robot girlfriends?

Oh you bet your hide we’ll have those. Though mostly for sex- I doubt robots will ever replace real people for actual relationships. (Unless you’re a REALLY antisocial geek.)

Wouldn’t the birthrate drop to nil?

Zero population growth ftw.

Naah, we’ll have cloning for that. (Natural birth will be passe.)

All this fembot talk makes me think on the one episode of Amercian Dad when Steve shouts at the porn producers: “When will you learn that…robots…are…erotic!”

It makes me think of that futurama episode where they have robot girlfriends.

I want a robot friend do not ruin my dreams!!!