New style delio

Hey, I was just wondering what needs to change, as far as file extensions, coding, or whatever is concerned, to have unfinished shrine pages workable again. I downloaded the new templates, looked 'em over, and still notta clue. This may be due to the fact that it’s 2 am, but whatever I will probably still need help in the (later) morning.

To make old templates work, all you have to do is replace:

<xmp><!–#include virtual="/includes/head.php" --></xmp>
<xmp><?php include(“shrines-header.php”) ?></xmp>
<xmp><!–#include virtual="/includes/foot.php" --></xmp>
<xmp><?php include(“shrines-footer.php”) ?></xmp>
<xmp><!–#include virtual=“toc.txt” --></xmp>
<xmp><?php include(“tocfetch.php”) ?></xmp>

on every page. But if possible use the new templates. It’s probably less work cut and pasting content than it is to fix the old templates.

The new templates have the extension .php, toc.txt is built using lists, layouting is done using CSS. That’s about it.

Alright, thanks a bunch.