New Star Trek XI Trailer

Well after watching this trailer I’m certain that this movie will in no way make an attempt to exempt itself from the rule of Star Trek films.


I’m not sure what to make of it, really.

I mean, I’ll go see it when it comes out and I’ll judge the movie then. But just by the trailer? I can’t tell.

It’s hard to judge movies by trailers these days anyway. Bad movies have had really good trailers, and good movies have had really bad trailers.

Saw it the other day, but I wonder…will it be all serious, or actually have some humor? Part of what I like about the original Star Trek was its campy humor. (That and Kirk getting majorly pissed at Spock in one episode…funny as hell.)

Well it can’t ruin its series any worse than the new James Bond did to its.

But going with that trend it seems like every recent Hollywood remake of an old series/movie has been horrible.

Funny, I thought Quantum of Solace (where I saw the Trek trailer) was excellent.

Well guess I should of made my point more clear. Yea, by itself, Quantum of Solace is a pretty decent movie, definitely worth the money I spent to go see it.

However, it completely went against every standard and tradition set by classic James Bond films. I mean if you had changed the characters name from James Bond to something else, you probably couldn’t even tell it was a James Bond movie. I mean they seriously might as well called it something else.

So while a good movie, I feel that it totally went against series, and was horrible in that regard.

I don’t know, I don’t really believe in tradition for tradition’s sake. Sometimes series need to change and evolve if they are to survive. At the very least the rebooting of Bond was done to a certain degree of competency, unlike so many other attempts at rebooting franchises that have crashed and burned. It may lack a few things that make Bond ‘Bond’, but it’s still worthwhile.

Took the words out of my mouth. My criticism is this Star Trek movie is making too much of an effort to be WBified. Its also not original in how it is doing what many other series are doing which is attempting a reboot by modern cultural standards. I just wouldn’t want it to be too stereotypical and stupid.

Well, as a hardcore fan, I’m excited. Star Trek is just about the only thing I find myself completely obsessed with. But this movie has a lot going for it, the cast looks quite impressive. Unfortunately I’m not too keen on the casting of Zach Quinto as Spock. I just got this total “Sylar” vibe from Spock all throughout the trailer. And that “What’s your name? My name is James Tiberius Kirk!” was uber lame. I mean, mega mega lame. But other than that, it all looks ok. I was worried about the guy playing Chekov but he seems to be ok.

I’m excited.

A break from the series? Quoting from here:

And, from an emotional standpoint, Casino Royale is a cousin to Lazenby’s only outing, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Those are the only two films in which the unflappable hero fell in love. And both lead directly into a subsequent adventure in which revenge is served cold. Quantum of Solace (the unfortunate title is taken from an Ian Fleming short story, but nothing of the narrative remains) is more of a direct sequel than Diamonds are Forever was, but both films show Bond at his coldest. Deprived of love, he has become a formidable killing machine.

Well then it seems the new Star Trek will be a success if it just involves a string of fist fights from beginning to end (btw everybody some how everyone is a professional fighter, even the 100 pound evil nerd mastermand).

Also, there won’t be a Vulcan salute or any technology more advanced then a grappling hook and a pontoon boat, and Kirk’s crew think hes gone rogue and send assassins to kill him at the drop of a hat.

Not sure about the tradition for tradition sake, but If you are going to watch a movie with a specific charactor… don’t change for change sake… Change is not always good, and you can’t tell me the Bond movies needed changing since they made some of the highest returns in their respected years.

Oh Diamonds are Forever showing Bond at his coldest? He sticks with the same girl through the movie eventually ends with her, and he saves Jimmy Dean to he can continue making the breakfast sausage we all know and love… real dark.

They are pretty much trying to turn Bond into another “American” action hero, James Bond is a timeless classic cause it was unique, now its just going to be another one of those numerous action flicks you watch once and forget about.

I mean the movie Quantum of Solace most reminded me of is the Bourne series, and in 20 years do you think anyone will talk or care about that movie?

Casino Royale is closer to the original books, from what I remember, than all the super-glitzy Bond movies ended up being.

Anyhoo, I lost interest in Star Trek movies after Generations (the one after that was pretty awful and I didn’t even bother seeing the most recent one). I’m not sure how they’ll square the rather obvious “near-future” scenes in that trailer with the “far future” feel of TOS which takes place just a few decades later.

I never got what the Trek craze is about (note: don’t torch my home, thx) and it never got any traction here anyway. Redshirts is a useful phrase though.

I’m pretty excited for the movie- it’s not going to be a traditional Trek romp but then again it shouldn’t be. There’s plenty of room in the canon (into which this movie will apparently fit seamlessly, according to Abrams and co) for what this movie is giving us. The action also looks absolutely top notch, and as for "Quinto as Spock, well, I’ve never watched Heroes so I can’t comment, but I’m currently going through the entire original series of Trek on DVD and he seems to have the whole stoic brooding thing going well. Though it does help that Nimoy will be in the film so we can compare.

Only thing I dislike thus far- Simon Pegg’s Scottish accent. I’ve never, ever disliked Pegg in a role- hell, I’ve never disliked anything he’s been in full stop- but I’m still not convinced he’ll be a good Scotty. His voice is about 2 octaves too high for starters.

Apologies for the double post and posting a nearly-identical version of the trailer, but I’m sure you’ll agree it was worth it.

I love the new Bond films. Honestly, the fact that they are for once about something else than an overly long excuse to have female nuclear scientists that look like supermodels in skimpy clothing and horrendously groan-worthy sexual puns is awesome. It actually resembles Fleming’s Bond for once.

EDIT: Damnit Neb, I replied to a discussion that ended half a month ago.

I try to block the memory of Generations as best I can. As far as I’m concerned, the events in that movie took place in an alternate universe that promptly imploded. Star Trek First Contact is the last decent modern movie I’ll recognize.

I get the Sylar/Spock thing. The scene where he’s attacking Kirk is a prime example of Sylar vibe.

I also get a Harold & Kumar vibe with John Cho as Sulu. Are we going to see some toking before getting behind the panel and flying the ship?