New Song!!!!! "Abuse Your Head" EWJ cover and others.

Follow teh majik linkiez. It’s from Earth Worm Jim (Use Your Head) and has “Think” from some group and the “Na Na Naaa Na” in it. This song is in the unique chip-style, as used in Nintendo and Gameboy games.


To hear this song, you’ll need to

A) Use Modplug if you have it

B) Enable the ( .it ) format on your Winamp

C) Give up previous two, ask me for the MP3 if my connections going alright.

The 'plug’s at under Modplug Player. It’s relatively small. In fact, while you’re at it, I strongly encourage all of you to get Modplug Player and listen to some original compositions and what not. Some are actually quite good. Better than SK’s Mod archive as well.

So enjoy if you can.