New SO4 Trailer

Apparently now that SO2 is out on the PSP Squeenix and Tri-Ace now have the time for some of their other projects.

and here’s another one (much shorter but now with BGM instead of gabbled static).

Looks cool, now I just wish I knew more about it.

OMG yessssss holy shit. im so fucking glad this is going to be on 360. holy crap i cannot wait for this. star ocean is going to look incredible in HD. please do not let me down square. pleaseeeeee i beg you.

god the visuals for this could be nothing short of amazing on next-gen systems.

e: assuming square/tri-ace puts the work in to make it look good. thinking about japanese developer’s previous next-gen outings…i dont know. if they put the time in to truly make a game that looks good, this could be awesome. if they take ‘the easy way out’ and make a pretty ps2 game (blue dragon, looking at you)…8(

Who said it was going to be for the 360?

i saw on rpggamer that they said its going to be an exclusive, but that they’re not saying what system it will be an exclusive for. if it was for ps3, i doubt they would hide that fact. ps3 needs exclusives badly.

Why would they hide any fact of exclusivity? The reason they haven’t announced it yet is most probably that they haven’t figured out which console they want yet. Those movies look prerendered to me, meaning they could be on any console.

It would be interesting to see if PS 3 can outsell 360 in the next few months like it did in January and February - the game could go the PS3 way if that trend continues.

Having played SO3, SO4 doesn’t mean much for obvious reasons.