New Shrine Request

I reuqested a shrine back Decmber 2008 put n ever heard back. If I want to re request a shrine how do I go about it since the shite is being redone.

Freudian slip, there?

Is it possibly to reapply now or do I have till the new site is done?

You mean “if” it’s done?

As far as I know nobody is actually taking applications any more. You’re free to start one on our Wiki:

We’re currently not accepting new requests. It’s partly because we don’t have anyone to process them, and partly because the new template isn’t finished, but mostly because we want to push the Wiki. You can login with the same username and password as on the Agora.

What did you want to shrine?

I was thinkg of doing NeverWinter Nights

Wow, that game is pretty nice. Good luck with it.

The Wiki is pretty fun, go on.