New SaGa Flash

Good evening, SaGa fans! Glad to see a forum dedicated to such a unique game series!

I have for you insider information in a flash about SaGa III, mainly pertaining to it’s final battle with Xagor. It is called “The Final Battle : SaGa III” (simple title enough).

Currently I am editing/working on sprites, and felt I would share any information here to show progress that is done with this.

I also figure it would be a good way for critique in my work.

Here is something I’ve been working on : The redone Xagor. This will all be sprite base, and I’m trying to go with an updated GB to SNES/GBA look.

Check it out, and please post! Any critique is good.

Wow, that’s pretty rad. Did you do that from scratch?

I pretty much combined and altered sprites already from previous video games. Since the eye that Xagor had originally was looking forward, I had a hell of a time trying to make it look over to the left (since the final battle will have a side view instead of a forward). Thanks for the comment.

This movie can also be a side note as a music project;

Soon to be planned further, the project may contain some re-made themes from SaGa III. More details as this develops.

Ah now this sounds like it could be quite interesting. Especially seeing what the party will end up looking like it. As well as what the battle will be like. I will suggest one thing try to avoid making it seem one sided. Not to say that you will, but that can be a problem. Either way that’s definitely a nice image. Come to think of it, I’ve never noticed that Xagor had an eye there before. Yeah silly as it may seem that’s the truth.

The ‘modified’ Xagor adds an eye and transforms the slimy-like exterior with a more hard-like shell.

As for characters, they are going to be color modified FF6 characters for now. Once I get some more images finished, I will be posting them up here.

Once I get something going, a demo will probobly be posted.

Until then, thanks for the critique.

Is that the Lightgazer boss from Seiken Densetsu 3? That you made the sprite out of, I mean? :hyperven:

Yes it is. After moving the pupil of it’s eye (the longest part of the project), changing it’s side, and adding the tentacles, I was able to create the basic concept for Xagor.

Since I am using re-colored FF sprites for the project, I felt I might start showing those off, seeing what you all might think of the FF6 sprites as actors.

This is going to be Borgin.

Whatcha think?

Nice re-coloring job, but I don’t know anything about how accurate it is. I’m not really interested in Final Fantasy Legend 3 so much. It seems to be the one game in the series that didn’t try to diverge from the 8/16-bit Final Fantasy norm too much.


Hmm well I guess someone could put up sprites from Final Fantasy Legend 3 for comparison. Either way I’m too out of it to comment on the quality. Heh speaking of FFL3, I one time found a nice remix of the final battle tune, but lost it. Then I found it again only to lose it again. Bleh. No I’m not talking about the midi remix or the mod remix.

I know what you are talking about, and that is the one on RPGamer.

Once the recoloring of the sprites are done, I will compare.

But you can find the original FFL3 sprites on in the FFL3 shrine, if you wish to see for oyurself.