New ROM Drive...50 GB!

We can now fit 700 MB to 4.7 GB on one CD-sized disk…
…soon that number will be jumping to 15-50GB.

Read the article, post the response.

(Psst, Blu-Ray has been around for a few months now)

You know, they can already fit more than that onto a CD.

Apparently the PS3 may end up using them

@ TD
Yeah, it’s been out, but now it’s actually going to start really being used.

@ Nulani
More than 50 GB? What is it? Link please.

@ IonMage
The fact that it might be used for the PS3 is how I found out about it.

I did hear about this a while back, but only now have I started to see it really being used, which is why I started this thread.

I’ll try to find it.
It’s been ages since I read it though, and besides: It was in Norwegian.