New record for me... I fucked something up three months before it should occur anyway

Yep. My birthday’s November 4th. And I asked for a gamecube. I know, I know, rather ahead of myself, right? Well, I fucked it up. I had to go to my mom’s bathroom because my sister was in ours, so now I see the note she left herself, ‘GMCUBE LAYAWAY PAYDAY’. Uh-huh. Now I feel like a jackass because I ruined my suprise. I want to talk to her about it maybe I’ll feel better. But I want that gamecube…

Don’t say a word :stuck_out_tongue:

Thing is, she might not know you saw the note, and as such she might be pleased with herself that she’s gonna get you what you really want…

The surprise is ruined, but now you know for sure.

Shut up and act surprised. My parents have always been crappy at hiding things, I’m talking out of experience: Don’t tell them, it makes them feel better.

I’m gonna go against the grain and say tell her after your birthday just for shits n’ giggles. :stuck_out_tongue:

You asked for a gamecube for your birthday, and found evidence that your mom is going to get what you asked for, and what is the problem?

Yeah, this is not anything major. I mean, birthday presents are nice and all, but maybe its just my preference, but I hate suprises.

Incidentally… our birthdays are one in the same… I’m also November 4th.

Start talking about how Nintendo sucks and doesn’t make any good games anymore and needs to grow up and stop making kiddie crap and shitty controllers. Very loudly. In front of her.

No surprise there.None of my presents are given without me knowing.I actually just say what I want and I just get it.Crap, I miss surprises.well anyways ,just act surprised and keep it to yourself,noone has to know.And remember…we never had this conversation.

Hmm … I suppose given the kind of stuff I ask for fer my birthday, I would be surprised if I actually got any given item (A GameCube? Lunar SSSC?), but I see your point.

kids lol

Drink, get drunk, and forget.

Man, screw gamecube, xbox 360 comes out in november, get it. That or wait and get a PS3.

I must give you credit, you sound like a very moral person.

I wouldn’t worry about it though, you weren’t snooping for presents, just going to take a dump.

Eventually they’ll just stop trying and give you cash because it’s less effort on their part.

I so thought this was going to have somthing to do with a flight of stairs… I’m a bad person…

Don’t feel too bad about it. It just happened by chance. Anyway, you have three months to forget.

I’m gunna tell! >:)

I’d say you tell her, and thank her for wanting to get you something so expensive, then give her a hug.

Okay… meh. I told her. She replied with 'You didn’t think that I would do only one suprise for your birthday, did you? I replied with 'Well, we live off social security…so, yeah. Then she taught me about the magic of Layaway and I got happy.