New or Preowned

Mortal Kombat" will come with an one-time use online pass which will be mandatory to access the online portions of the game. This means that people who buy the game pre-owned will have to buy an online pass from either the PS Store or Xbox Live Marketplace if they want to play online

  • from wikipedia on the new Mortal Kombat

I hope this doesn’t become the new thing.

Its been the thing for about a year. EA, Ubisoft and THQ already do it. I dont play online so I dont care

All this does is penalize used game customers rather than reward new game customers. Jim Sterling said this really well in a video. Some games are worth spending $60 on and some aren’t, and the used game market backs up that claim. When you’re a publisher, you need to tell us why we should spend $60 to buy your game. Crying about used games isn’t going to make us feel sorry for you, especially when people like Kotick comment that they would charge more for games if possible.

All this will do in the long run is alienate people who rely more heavily on used games than new games and breed resentment among consumers.