I think I creamed myself.

Nintendo will be all over this like shit on velcro.

On the downside:

  1. Not a real NES.
  2. More money than emulation.
  3. More money than a real NES.

On the brightside:

  1. Messiah is a kinda cool name. . . kinda. . .

Maybe I’m missing something here, but what’s the point? It doesn’t seem to be any different than any other pirate system that plays NES games (Then again, I couldn’t find any real info on their site). Why not just go out and get the real mccoy? I would assume that most people who are still really into the NES enough to actually still play the system itself would rather have the real system, and those who don’t care about stuff like that would just play the games for free on an emulator.

I doubt it, if you go to ebay and do a search for “nes top loader” you’ll get all sorts of nes ripoffs. Only a handful of the results will be authentic nes top loaders made by nintendo.

I’d be interested to see if they just added Bluetooth controllers to a normal NES board, or if this is taking advantage of some new “NES-architecture-on-a-chip” setup.

According to EGM (which is where I found the link), Nintendo’s copyright on the NES has run out.

If this gets released, then that would be cool…but I doubt it. Then again, it could be like that Atari 2.0 system you can buy at stores with a bunch of classic games for that system (I know this doesn’t come with any games).

Even so I wish they used the second model of the NES instead of the classic design. I rather like the top loader that was released near the end of the system over the old put a game in the slot and then push it down, hoping the game doesn’t freeze up.

That’s exactly what I thought.
This console could be of some interest to game collectors who specialize in gaming hardware.
But with Revolution coming out next year, Messiah and other NES compatibles could become obsolete.
Revolution owners would be able to download/play any game made for Nintendo in the past 20 years.
Any game in theory, depending on the consumer demand:

Nintendo has not yet announced what titles will be available for download. However, it has confirmed that Revolution owners could theoretically download every NES, Super-NES and Nintendo 64 game ever made. The publisher is reportedly already working with third party publisher to ensure that popular third party games are also available to download.
Shigeru Miyamoto: “What we want to do is provide the product that is going to make the Revolution the console that people want in their homes. So it actually might be driven from the consumer end rather than from us. You know, the games that they most want might be the ones that we do. From a technological point, we can do any of them. It’s just, we haven’t determined which ones we’ll do yet."

Wha… PENTION FOR Tales Of Phantantasia-Revoltuin!!

Copyrights last 70 years past the death of the author. Corporate copyrights can last even longer. Nintendo is nowhere near losing its copyright on the NES.

<a href=“”>Link.</a>

Even without that link, I would have doubted Nintendo’s copyrigth would have run out since 20 years seems way too short for a copyright.

It’s not the copyright, it’s the patent on the hardware that’s expired. They still own the copyright on the term “Nintendo Entertainment System” and all of the games, but they no longer hold the patent on the hardware. Thus, the system is legal. The only reason why I think the system will get any attention is because it’s <A HREF=“”>being sold at your local neighborhood Gamestop</A>.

Interesting. I was readint the little description and it did have me thinking that it may be worth getting just to not have to blow into the system and shit to get games to play. I don’t I’ll see how things go.

Hmm…when does the patent on the SNES’s hardware expire?

My guess would be 2011, unless Nintendo filed the patent differently.

Well, it turns out that this thing is a huge pile of shit. It doesn’t actually match the nintendo hardware, as the website claims, nor does it even use a NES-on-a-chip. Its just a shitty emulator on shitty hardware. It barely runs any games, and the controller is crap.

Sounds like whoever wrote the emulator for this thing didn’t know what they were doing, seeing as it has trouble playing Castlevania III, which, IIRC, was the last major hurdle for NES emulation, because it used some weird background scrolling. (or something, i’m probably off on the exact reason).

I don’t know why I didn’t think to check here first.

Figures, it was just a bad bootleg from Hong Kong that this site orders and says it “almost the real deal”. Guess I will stick with emulator…sadly.

Owned. This company sucks, did they research anything when making the system? They seem to have taken all the failures of every famiclone ever made, and lumped it into one crappy unit. When something as simple as SMB3 doesn’t run on your machine, don’t you think its time to work some kinks out?

Even the circuitboard just looks bad. They didn’t even take the time to fill in empty slots in the PCB.