New job

Well, working at Couchetard, it’s murder on my system but it’ll adapt, 6-12AM shift is painful and standing so much left my legs like putty. It doesn’t pay super, but I get to talk to people and have a generally okay time. I like it so far, even if it is hard work. My next week shifts are less MURDER anyway, I guess they put me on the morning because it has less people than evenings, better for training.

Oh, and I get cheaper slush, because my manager’s cool. I pay the small size even when I take the gigaliciouslybig ones.

I’m not sure what place Couchetard is, but my sister works at a 7/11 and she gets free slush and fountain drinks.

try working at wendys…it fuckin blows…although i get mad food…which is cool for me…althoughti gained like 20 lbs in the year ive worked there…so thats why i put my 2 weeks notcie ine like a week ago…now im gonna go work at k-mart…or some game store…the only reason id work at k-mart is cuz id get 10% off paintballs

Sloche… o__o

Bah, I make filled sandwiches and pack aeroplane lunch trays. That’s 8 hours of standing and making repetitive movement all the time. And the mornin’ shift’s 6-14…

Don’t let the hard work get you down, Zero. You can always comfort yourself with remembering how much better it is than telemarketing ^^;;

And Maba: Hang on, until you can get something better. It’s the only thing to do :slight_smile:

Well, at Couchetard, I guess all the employees <i>couche tard</i>!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Cless. What does that even mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job Zero. Those gigaliciously big slushies aren’t gonna drink themselves. Step up, and make us proud.

You will come to hate your job, grow into an even bigger resentful bastard, and have co-workers that suck.

I know the drill man, I know.

Pierson, it means sleep late. It’s quite possibly the worst joke, ever.

Oh. Wel ten. Cless r teh suk, lozlz.

as much as people hate telemarketers…they make some good money
like 25 an hour…sure all youtr friends will hate you after you repeatedly call their house offeringthem whatever but you’ll still get 25 an hour…

Congrats, Zero! A job’s a job and you only have it to make money.

I just got a job at the drug store near my house and I start training on Monday. Gotta get some pocket money somehow.

Right now, I’d take ANY of those jobs.

(I’m used to repetivive work and annoying clients and co-workers… I used to be a construction worker.)

Best luck, Zero.

Congratulations,Zero! :slight_smile:

Yes, what is a Couchetard? Is it like a Wielgals?

If you’re gonna work evenings, you’re going to need evening training anyway. Like I said, I’ve been there, done that, only my manager wasn’t cool.

i actually prefer 7-2am types…but thats cuz that way i dont hafta talk to half as many customers…cuz im not a people person