New Internet Group to help young writers, artists, etc.

Hi guys, four months ago I created a group called the Knights of fanfiction, to help noobs and kids from getting flames in their stories, music, artwork, etc at Now let me just say I know we’re never going to get rid of all flames but some kind words does help.

Why I am here, is because we are recently expanding to different web sites with fanfiction, fanart, fangames, fan music, etc. to see if there are others out there like us who want to join our cause. We don’t encourage sloppy grammer, we do not attack those who give constructive criticism, just those who seem to enjoy flaming people for the hell of it.

If anyone’s been a victim of such attacks, or would like to help us out, you can click on the link provided in my signature, learn about us, tell me about us here in this forum, and even pm me if you’d rather to that.

That being said, I’ll try not to create another thread until the end of the month, unless some one beats me to creating a Halloween thread. Thanks for reading one way or the other, guys. At least you did the curtesy of that.

Good luck going up against GAFF. :stuck_out_tongue:

Who is GAFF?

In my experience a great number of people simply think their story is the greatest ever and refuse help. It’s happened here a number of times.

While I’m not interested in joining or helping your… organization, keep these people in mind and don’t waste your time on them.

Godawful Fanfiction. The community of writers (myself and some other RPGCers included) that takes joy in indiscriminately bashing the hordes of horrible fanfiction on the 'Net rather than offering their authors any help they usually refuse, as Sorc pointed out.

Omega: I love blatant verbal abuse with virtually no provocation! Can I join?

Read that and tell me that we bashed him without provocation.

There’s no call on mocking people, even if they’re rude and stupid. Insults prove nothing other than you can be as much of a jerk as the person you insult. People who don’t listen to advice usually end up tripping on their own, any way.

As for fanfiction, there are some things that we all should remember:

  1. Fics are done FOR THE FUN OF IT. And the ONLY person they have to satisfy is the author. Remember, no matter how good (or bad) your story is, SOMEONE will hate it- or love it. After all, posting them on the Net means potentially millions of people might see them. You can’t please everybody. And usually, people who want to complain about a story are more motivated to leave a comment than those who do like it- it’s human nature- and that often leaves a poor impression. Ignore them all, I say, and write in any way you want- just have fun.

  2. Now, it might be that you want a particular kind of people -such as Anime fans- to enjoy your story. That’s OK… as long as you enjoy doing that. In such a case, you do have to follow the rules the best you can. These vary with genre, but the ones that REALLY matter are:

-Write it CLEARLY so anyone can understand it. That means using correct grammar.

-Have the story MAKE SENSE (and not just to you, but to the average reader.)

  1. If you ever write professionally (as in, for PAY) then you HAVE to deliver what they ask you for. This usually means following the rules above… but some people get paid to produce some really crappy stuff. “Professional” does NOT always equal quality.

…And that’s ONE TO GROW ON. :hahaha;

Thank you Wil that makes a lot of sense.

I hardly even bother to review things anymore thanks to all those little self-important twits who won’t take advice. When I review, it’s mainly my friends. If a story is so bad I don’t want to read it, I know soon enough and just hit the Back button.

I’m a grumpy old fanfic reader.

And dammit Omega, I had just managed to forget that guy! Arghrarghrargh!

It’s not just in fanfiction. In my fiction class, there was a girl who wrote HORRIBLE stuff, and she used to bitch and whine every time someone tried to criticize her. She is still in the creative writing program.

That guy did not take criticsim well, however unlike any of you, I DID see a plot, it was obvious an attempt to mock commentatories and people who walk on stage, much like they do on Know you stars in All that, and BOBOBO-BO BO-BOBO.

It was obvious he was not getting it, so you guys should have closed that thread before it got out of hand like that. A big misstepp on the moderator that. It was supid to allow it to grow on like it,. you said you piece, which I can understand, I would have too, but then move on.

For what it was worth, I thought the story was hilarious, but then again Bo-BoBo is one of my favorite stories.

Seriously though not trying to insult any of you guys by this.

That’s the official Knights Forum.

This is our main web site.

Much ado about nothing. Like discussing a three year old thread :wink: