New .hack// show

.hack//Roots. Animation once again by bee train and music by Yuki Kajiura

No clue what it’s about though yet.

-source is

Yuki Kajiura: HELL YEAH.
Bee Train: Meh.
Satoshi Oosawa doing the character designs: Blergh. Sadamoto’s style is much better.

So yeah. I’m not sure how this is going to fit since the are releasing a manga, three games and an anime series about the exact same characters at the exact same time. The first chapter of the manga is clearly the beginning of the game (At least what’s seen on the trailer) so this has got me pretty confused. Still no news on the old cast, whether it’ll include elements from //UdeDen (It should, Zefie is a pretty big deal) or anything else.

They are going to release an extra disc called .hack//G.U. THE END OF “THE WORLD” which once unlocked using “keys” from the three //G.U. games, will contain all cutscenes from the original four games remastered with //G.U.'s graphical engine (I can’t wait to see Kite rushing Corbenik in high-end graphics) and a summary of what happened in the period between //QUARANTINE and //G.U. It will be shipped with Resurrection in Japan, no news on an American release yet.

And for those who are still confused by the release dates or are naive enough to check GameFAQs, //G.U. Resurrection will be released in Japan somewhere during May, but they say the UE release should not take long.

CAN’T WAIT FOR //G.U.! :smiley: Man… those fuckers should’ve released //fragment in NA >=(

It seems //Fragment sucks though. In a PSO kind of way.

And since nobody even replied to my thread: READ //A.I. Buster while you wait! It’s an awesome piece.