New from JibJab: George Bush's 2005 In Review

Doesn’t quite have the zing of This Land, but is still amusing.

They were showing it on the news yesterday…because it’s such a big deal I guess. I thought it was fairly amusing. I digged the part with the oil dripping on the polar bear in Alaska.

Heh funny.

That was excellent.

I’ve always liked their stuff. Most of it, anyway. Although I haven’t seen that much of it.

Yeah, amusing, but there were still better ones.

Those two brothers have touched my heart yet again.

Meh, at least it actually pointed stuff out instead of being another “hurr bush stupid hurr”

Amusing, and disturbing.

Always a nice mix.

Meh. I’ve become jaded, and feel vaguely offended by expressions of both sides of a political argument.