new FFXII character pics.

The title speaks for itself. Just look at this:

rabbit-people, anyone?:ulty:

I was gonna post these awhile ago.

I bet Fran will get dubbed as some playboy bunnie and the other dude upon first glance I thought was giving me the finger. Seifer, anyone?

Hey! I like the Vierra! :mwahaha:

Yeah, that guy reminds me of Seifer too with that stiff look on his face. No scar though.

Yeah, Fran looks like being the eye-candy… Balfear looks like he has potential, though, hard-faced guy with whacking great big gun= :hahaha; I reckon a younger Auron would be closer to the mark for his character.

Apparantly Balfear’s a hijacker with his own airship, but yeah, he does look a lot like Seifer crossed with Zell.

I was hoping Fran would look more like a Viera Elementalist or Sniper. She looks rather freaky…thorny black armor that exposes way more flesh than neccesary. (I’m getting very sick of blatantly exposed flesh thanks to FFX-2 :noway: ) I do like the fact that she has claws on her feet, though.

If FFTA is anything to go by (since we have already seen Bangaa, so who knows?) she could be a Moogle…yes I said Moogle.

Yeah, that whole armor that exposes a lot kind of confuses me… doesn’t it defeat the purpose?

Fran looks ridiculous… just the way her face is, and how the ears look… you’d think they would of made the ears look normal, like kind of hairy how they were in FFTA. Those just look like rabbit ears glued on.

I’m confused. She’s holding the bow in the first picture, and in the last she’s holding the other characters flint lock rifle?

Fran looks …weird.

Yeah, that’s right. Weird.



They REALLY need to get more original than that. It’s almost frightening how much Balfear looks like Seifer. And Fran freaks me out too. O_o

Fran is hot!!! Hmm… The name Fran reminds me of someone elses’ name in the FF series…

Wow, the Balflear guy looks kinda like that dude that acted in Lord of the Rings (Legolas) and Pirates of the Carribean IMO

Shit Fran in hot!
She’s like a woman and a playboy bunny suit mixed together!

And the guy looks like a mixture of Seifer and Irvine to me.

Originally posted by Gizamaluke
[b]Shit Fran in hot!
She’s like a woman and a playboy bunny suit mixed together!

And Fran looks like a mixture of Seifer and Irvine to me. [/b]

So you’re saying you also lust after sexy boys Seifer and Irvine eh? Very nice.

And and for the Legolas comment, he only looks like Orli Bloom when he’s dressed as Will Turner. Legolas is much more fairy like.

Orlando Bloom . . . yeah, that’s the guy. And you’re right Eva, Balfear looks a lot like Will Turner, and not so much like Legolas.

I dunno, I can kinda see why someone would think he looks like Legolas, especially if you look at the bottom pic from the right angle.

Legolas almost never frowns and when he does he still has the glow in his eyes that brings a dreamy sigh out of you. Though yeah now I can kinda see the similarities but just noooo…

na segunda foto, o cara me lembra do Seifer na introduçao do FFVIII.

Err, what the guy on the forum said. He does look like Seifer, and he certainly has the daunting appearance of Seifer, with the “come get some” gesture and all.

Is it just me, or does that airship in the top of the last picture look kind of… “organic?” Part of it looks like Sin from Final Fantasy X.