New FFVII Thing, and wonderings

First, I swear that I found a non listed materia. I am replaying FFVII for the millionth time, and am at the chocobo farm. There you are suppost to buy the chcobo lure materia.

But, I found one by the fence. You probly know to go to the fence and watch the chocobos dance. well keep going to the bottom of the screen, along the fence, and there it is, a free chcobo lure materia.

Second, I noticed some opera music playing in the cinegraphic after Sector Seven Plate comes down. Does anyone know what this is or who its from? Its most noticible in the Presidents office, while hes looking at the collapse.

I’d have to check that out, because I don’t remember that being there. But hey, cool find.

It’s only there in Disc 2 or afterwards, if I remember correctly.

I don’t recall the name of the opera, but I did know it at some point. 8p Check the ending credits.

Did anyone see the hidden FMV of the Shin-Ra car commercial? That was pretty neat.

Yeah I saw that commercial once. It was pretty good.

That Fmv isnt hidden, just kinda unknown, but it is cool.

What Shrinra commercial FMV? I’ve played FF7 through 12+ times and I’ve never seen the commercial. What do you have to do to see it?

In the Shinra HQ, in the room on the main floor with two chests and a scared intern who sells you stuff, go and look at the TV screen in the bottom left.

I never realised that was there, but then I never go in that room, when I’m in the Shinra Building. I’ll have to check it out, next time I play the game.

did you guys know that if you hold down R1,R2,L1,L2 at the same time in a chocobo race its stamina will fill up.


Seriously dude, that has got to be the oldest trick in the book when it comes to FF7

Older than the “tap L and R to cancel back attacks” trick?

I don’t think I knew about the chocobo race thing. On the other hand, if I didn’t know, I didn’t need to because I still won easily anyway.

Originally posted by Cidolfas
Older than the “tap L and R to cancel back attacks” trick?

I’m half-tempted to say ‘I didn’t know that’, but there would be no humour value, so I won’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, the Car Commercial was pretty well hidden. I only found it by accident. I’d guess a lot of people would have missed it, due to, if they’re anything like me, rushing through that damned building as fast as they could. ^^;;

Don’t they tell you about the refilling of stamina in the game?

Yeah, i think, if you lose a few times during the Correl race. Been a while since i played that, and honestly, my mental powers have concentrated been elsewhere. For example, wondering when i got mental powers. That’s a hard one to figure out. Here’s something i never understood. In Wu Tai, someone talks about the materia in the underground pipe that is guarded by a big monster. WTF are they talking about ? What underground pipe ? Have they been chewing lotus leaves again ? Idiots.

I know who you mean, it is one of the guardians in the Pagonda.

Anyway, I think it is making a reference about the Ghost Ship you need to morph, to get the item needed to get the Underwater materia. But I’m not entirely sure about that, it is the only one that I think fits.

Yep, I’m pretty sure that’s it as well. That’s really the only pipe in the game, anyway. 8p

It’s not as bad as the FF6 translation… in the Cave on the Veldt, a guy talks about a dragon in the forest up north. In fact, there’s no dragon, just a dinosaur, and it’s a regular random battle like any other.