New Fensler Films(The GI JOE ones)

Two new ones download em, and the old ones if you haven’t seen em yet. They are really funny :smiley:

I cant get the video to work, only sound, what the fuck, Exo?!?!?!

But I got dese to work, and dey are hi-fuckin-lareous!

You need DivX to play the two on ebaumsworld :-\ Maybe the latest version of it, I dunno. But they are funny. I haden’t a clue that he had some others on his site, haha.

detect, it no going, and you tell me do thing, I done, running

the porkchop sandwiches one is the funniest fucking thing ive ever seen in my entire life.

GI Joe Sucks.

Help Computer…

Lol thanks charle, I watched the ones on the main website, they were great, “Oh hell no what’s up dawg!”

“Who wants a body massage?”

lol, porkchop sandwiches!

Those are quite possibly the weirdest videos I have ever seen