New Fan Fic on the way!

Well, its been a while. I’ve decided to start a new fan fic. insert music here The is as follows
Its is Zack’s first mission with SOLDIER. Sephiroth is his partner. They are sent to Junon to investigate a murder of a Shin-Ra corperate, and a special someone is the main suspect…
Expect it to be out in three weeks if I really work on it.

Good luck working on it, sounds interesting.

:hmm: Should be good, nice idea and it’ll be good to see an FF7 fic for once, most of them at the moment are FF8, even my own. This is probably due to FF8 having a solid base for fan fiction (although, so do the others)…

drops to the floor :thud: starts twitching and speaking in tongues

…I apologise.

Sounds mysterious. We’ll be waiting for it.:slight_smile:

Update: Expect the first few paragraphs by this evening or tomorrow afternoon.

Great. Be waiting.

I don’t like threads where there are 50 posts going “FANFIC IN A WEEK!” “FANFIC TOMORROW!” “FANFIC IN 4 HOURS!” “FANFIC IN ONE HOUR!” “FANFIC IN 20 MINUTES!” “FANFIC IN 2 SECONDS!” “FANFIC NOW!” “FANFIC POSTED!” :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t see the point, really. If you got a story, post it.


But still, what else do we have to talk about? (actually, don’t answer that…)

Russian tanks constructed by Sir Percival from only pop cans and super glue.

I meant things that are relevant.

On second thoughts, what the hell. where might I purchase one of these glued-up Russkiy tanks?