New Dissidia Trailer

A look at the gameplay and the latest character. Enjoy. (I’m sure a good portion of FF’s fandom with be pissing their pants with this one.)


I still think the whole thing is completely pointless. Where’s the FF Party or FF Cart Racing game? When are we gonna see FF Baseball, Football, Tennis, Golf, and their subsequent remakes?

Fuck you squeenix.

They’ve actually become worse than Capcom.

I actually think it’s a brilliant idea. I think they’ll probably go with the main characters and villains of the first 10 FFs, which is definitely a start. :sunglasses: (Although I suppose they won’t be able to do some of the more esoteric villains, like FF3’s Cloud of Darkness, and Kefka would be just weird in a fighting arena.)

Oh, and anyone who ever thought for a second that Sephiroth wouldn’t be in it… well, c’mon. 8p

Anyone who didnt think Sephiroth would be in it is a damn fool. But it’s stupid the way they always hold off, and show him last, as if it’s supposed to be a big deal.

And it would be a cool idea- I’d actually think It’d be a very cool idea- if they werent already oversaturating the market with FF games. Even Nintendo has come out with Quality games that arent Mario, Zelda or Pokemon

Um, last? So far he’s only the fifth character they’ve shown.
True, the market’s oversaturated now, but only as long as people keep shelling out money for them. All the people moaning about it can just stop buying them and I guarantee they’ll stop being made. :sunglasses:

I ment last in the trailer. And I just know as they roll out more trailers, they’ll still show him last.

The ones who moan have. Unfortunately the ones who cream their pants every time FF is mentioned far outnumber them still.

Sad thing is, as much as I moan about “Final Fantasy Inc” chances are I’ll continue buying them. :frowning:

That’s my point. 8p Obviously you like them enough to keep buying them. The only real decision that matters is the one in the wallet, so if you don’t care enough to make that decision, don’t complain about it. :sunglasses:

This looks like it will be kinda fun. I’m just wondering who else is going to end up being in it.

Well, I guess their recent decisions have caused me to pick and choose more carefully. If this was like 7-8 years ago, back when I was a major FF/Squaresoft fan boy, I’d be drooling all over this shit.

In Seiyuu terms, Kuja is being voiced in Japan by Akira Ishida. Akira’s the same guy who voiced Makenshi in Final Fantasy Unlimited, with Kuja marked as Ishida’s 3rd Square character. Akira is currently voicing Bae of the Sentai series Gekiranger(next year’s Power Rangers series), and voiced many infamous characters (funny to serious to freaky) such as Gaara (Naruto) and Zexion (Kingdom Hearts series).

Zidane is voiced by Junko Takeuchi, famous for her “Breeches” roles as Takuya (Digimon Frontier) and currently Naruto Uzamaki, marking 2nd time she and Akira are put together in opposing roles (the 1st first being Naruto and Gaara).

I am expecting these US voice actors to voice the two FF9 figures when the game comes here. Though of Crispin Freeman for Kuja, but found a more fitting guy to voice him.

Zidane: Greg Cipes (Beastboy, Teen Titans)

Kuja: Brian Beacock (Yumichika Ayasegawa, Bleach)

Here’s hoping that Dissidia is not just characters from the FF games. Seeing Kaze & Makenshi involved would be cool move on Nomura’s part (Secret Characters?).

uhh… ok?

Looks nice. What platform is it on? Also, Crispin Freeman made Kael’thas’ voice in Frozen Throne.

EDIT: Oh, psp. Right.

I met Crispin Freeman. Cool Guy, funny as hell, and very knowledgable about anime and animation in general, as you would expect. Still cant stand him as a VA though.

I think he’s been in almost every major video game and anime in the last ten years or so. 8p He apparently teaches a course of some sort about anime.

I want to say “copout” to SE for developing this for the PSP. But I think it’s their first venture into the fighting genre since their Bushido Blade titles (that everyone loved).

I guess if they do a good job with this, they’ll start making a next-gen version. Dissidia II for the PS3 with 60 playable characters!

Why stop there? Why not do a shitty Dissidia CG movie? A shitty Dissidia Cellphone game and spinoffs and so on?

Who says they won’t, if it’s popular enough? Again: Square Enix is a company. Companies make profits. If the public proves that they will give Square Enix enough profits, they will repeat the decisions that made those profits. Right now the public is proving that Square Enix can churn out remakes and ports, and they’ll make almost as much (or even more) as a brand new game for a fraction of the cost. Until that situation changes (i.e. people STOP BUYING THEM) you can expect more remakes, ports and spinoffs.

I read that last sentence as “you can expect more remakes, profits and spinoffs” :stuck_out_tongue: El Cid is right. Show them with your $ what products you don’t support.

:mwahaha: Since you mentioned CG movie, Spirits Within for Blu-Ray out in 2 weeks - can’t wait!

Spirits Within was “meh,” for me. The only character who didn’t take a nosedive into the Uncanny Valley Dr. Sid, who I didn’t feel acted human. Plus, I’m not a fan of the “kill 'em all” strategy used on the main characters.