New computer..

Well, I got my new computer all hooked up and stuff, and I just want to avoid screwing it up like my last one. And and it’s an XP. Like… 1.79 GHz, 512RAM (Couldn’t get that 1024 ; p) Mmm… And um… I can’t find anything else. I know it has a 256 graphics card. Any tips for not messing it up? Does the porn/music from kazaa really screw it up? And can games make it slower in the long run? My dads friend said something about that, but I don’t know what to believe. Well, that’s it.
Oh, and congrats to DN (I just saw it today >_<)

Edit: Er, wow. Grammar problems corrected, I hope

(It’s BN if you’re talking about the kid :P)

From what I know, if you defragment every month as well as scandisk beforehand, your computer should run just fine. Porn/music doesn’t do much unless you have it all running at once.

Yeah, unless you run a lot of stuff at once, you should be fine. And I have no clue how Steve would know about running all your porn at once…


It will fuck up your computer. Permantantly. Get WinMX if you must steal music. And no, games wont make it slower.

Yea, forgot to mention: Don’t get Kazaa. Its user base has grown a lot smaller, and WinMX’s is probably smaller still, but you can still find just about anything you’d need on it.

Yea, the RIAA loads KaZaa up with alot of fake files and IP trackers to find those who download their songs. So using KaZaa could be a legal risk too, albeit a small one.


soulseek owns. My friend’s Porno grind band, Anal Gore Terror, originated there.

Porngrind is one of the most ill conceived genres out there… urgh. -_-

I hate it too, but my friend’s band is more of a parody of the genre.

WinMX sucks more than Kazaa. It installs its own little things (refers to topic about them being sneaky little bastards). Plus, downloading shit is hard on WinMX, Soulseek is a bit easier, but not quite as easy as Kazaa still. Also, Kazaa will not permanetly fuck up yoru computer. I had it and my comptuer is fine. Kazaa will slow it up a ton though. You just have to know how to look and delete shit if you want to remove it though since it leaves spy/adware on your computer even if/when you remove it.

I would keep any filesharing program away from it, but that is just me. And if you really want it not to be screwed up, the only thing you can do is keep it powered down and not use it.

And Dragon Ninja had his kids years ago.



You got a nice computer, Mr. Ramza, but it would help if you posted your processor’s model. Cause, you know, a 1.8GHZ Celeron is not the same than a 1.8GHZ Athlon :stuck_out_tongue: