New Columbine

<a href=“” title=“Le sigh…”>Well, an attempt at least… and it’s not too far from where I live.</a>

God, fucking freaks.

EEEEK! That’s only about half an hour from where I live(Nashua NH)!

Oh crap, you too?

Some goth kid killed three of his classmates over here two weeks ago, It’s been two weeks of stupid reporters trying to milk the story at it’s full.

Last time I checked, they were blaming Marylin Manson music, I say CHECK HIS GODDAMN PARENTS!

“You to?” as in me?

“Goth Kid” is the exact reason bullshit like this happens…
fucking assholes…

Steve, I don’t care how much “shit” you go through. If you have to kill (Most likely even innocent) people just to feel better, something is fucking wrong with you. And there’s always someone else who puts up with more than you, whoever you might be.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it as an insult. It’s just that since he is Goth, they are doing a whole bullshitted analysis on Goth culture and how it is the cause of all of humanity’s troubles. The same crap that happened with Rap and Rock&Roll.

I wish thet had at least some fucking respect, the kid didn’t fire because he was Goth, he shot because he was obviously psychotic.

Goth is so cliche. >>;;

On a more serious note, i hope this doesn’t set off another chain.

How much shit I go through?
Dude… not everyone’s just like you.
Yeah, it’s the kid’s fault of course, but it’s just as much his fault as it is everyone around him… it’s a shitty way to prove a point, but it also shows people that they need to fucking treat people better, because anyone can snap at any moment.

No no no, Steve. I didn’t mean you, I meant anyone. And yes, I know that there are a lot of cocky mother fuckers out there, just wait, someday someone else bigger than them will show them their place.


We’ve been given the proven-effective solution to shit like this three times, and we’re still stupid enough to reject it.

I blame people in general, as usual.

I blame Hades, specifically.

Hades, hop in the chat. I need to talk to you. >.>

And I blame video games! Not really, but it’s a nice scapegoat, no?

Blame Marilyn Manson. Are people still doing that?


And about time you changed your avvie and title Pierson. >.>

I blame Teletubbies.

We do at least. I’ve been avoiding even going near a TV for the past days simply because I am so fed up of “His music encourages violence, his music this, his music that, etc, etc”.