new birthday thread

happy birthday!


Happy Birthday, Ahkeeyuu!!

:booster: -And what does THAT name mean!?!
:get it?: -It’s piratese for “I’ll KILL YOU!!”
:booster: -Really?


Happy Birthday, Deathstryke!

Happy birthday Deathstryke. Even though you probably won’t see this. What with you having such a crappy connection right now.

Happy birthday Cless and SE! My clock is set ahead for some reason so I can see all of the birthdays. Have a good day.

Happy birthday, everyone, especially Cless, Ackbar, and Ephyon.

WHOA… a LOT of people were born on yesterday’s date! However, I only know the following well, so Happy (belated) Birthday to them: Ackbar, Cless Alvin, and Seraphim Ephyon! (And sorry about the delay, I’ve been busy/my PC is dead.)


Happy birthday Cala and cait sith.

:hyperven: Banzai! :hyperven:

I hope cala has a happy birthday. She deserves it. Oh wait. He does. Or she.

Just kidding, happy birthday man.

Happy Birthday, Cala, even if you’ve been a very bad ‘girl’ in my fics!

(But, there is ALWAYS the potential for redemption, don’t worry!) ^_~

And Happy BD to Cait Sith, too. Just watch out for Cala!!

:moogle: :kissy:

(Oh great, I forgot to sign on as Wil again!) -_-

Wilfredo Martinez
Still PC-Challenged

I love you Calies. blows a kiss :kissy:

Happy birthday to you!

:hahaha; That was good Wil mainly because of the pic. Happy birthday everyone

Love you too Eva. <3

And man, Wil. I’m like “Makko’s writing about me? Huh?” :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, January 1, 1950 is the most convenient date to put when registering for the forums. I don’t think any of us are really born on new year’s day.

I don’t know about you, but I was born on January 1st, 1988 at 2:20 PM with a temperature of 39 degrees Celsius. I can also tell you what my mother and father’s families where supposed to eat that day, thanks to the two thousand times every relative I have told me the “You were born one month early, it was really fucking hot and we had to leave all the food in order to rush to the hospital” story.

And why is that date convenient?

Cless will never get another happy birthday :frowning:

Happy birthday to nightblade, who thinks he’s so cool, handsome and sexy. And who went and helped people.

Holy shit man, that is hot. I get uncomfortable in anything above twenty or twenty-five degrees.

That date is convinient because it’s the automatic one before you do all the scroll-thingies.