New at Walmart: Potion! 50 Gil

The first Final Fantasy Food Tie-In

Be sure to stock up on 99 of them.

Next year’s item: Hi-Potion.

It doesn’t recover your HP instantly, so it should be called [symbol of bottle]Regen instead.

Strange I could of swore I heard of this somewhere else.

Oh yeah I remember now.

Bah, I only look at the main forum, my eyes can’t be everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

K, I’m-a get me some o’ these!

Hmm. Should that be considered selling out, or selling in?

I want one! Maybe it’ll help me recover from getting my arse whooped by a quiz. :smiley:

I have got to get me some of these, if only to get my hands on one of those nifty bottles.

They’re using buttplugs for bottle caps.

Somewhere between too geeky and awsome… I hope I’ll be able to get one.

And Zepp, weren’t you under oath not to say that?

Sweet, Final Fantasy geekdom AND anal play? I’m sold!

It’s Zeppo. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t know what the word oath means, Weiila.

Ooo, bottled commercialism!


Hmmmmm,does this mean that maybe someday we will be able to buy phoenix downs?those could be preaty usefull.

Oh Square-Enix, even when you sell out you do it with style

I want one, do you think they’ll sell them in the US?

Fortunately, these Real Life Potions just might be good for that other 50 hp half-full.

Or, might one say, half-empty?


Sweet, i cant wait to try it.

just remember they don’t always work :thud: