new anime

im having trouble finding any new anime thats interesting. if yall can reccomend me something that’d be just dandy. also lets make it challenging, the description cannot contain “Mr/Ms. fuckface was just a normal high school student…until something unexpected happened!”

Have you seen FLCL? Because its my favorite anime, although only like 6 episodes. Its pretty fucking weird, and I spent my first two watchings of the series asking ‘wtf?’ every three minuted or so.
But, its better than watching the same old story over again with a new title slapped onto it.
I can’t really describe it well, so, They understand it better than I think I ever could. Also, there’s

Watch Shin Mazinger. It’s a retelling of the original super robot show and every character in it is a total badass, including the narrator.

The basic gist of the series is that Kouji Kabuto’s mad scientist grandpa is killed by a former colleague who is now bent on world conquest. He leaves Kouji the Mazinger Z, a powerful robot he built in his secret lab, and tells him that with it he can become a god or devil, but leaves the choice up to Kouji. Being the vengeful and protective guy he is, Kouji is now using it to take revenge on his grandpa’s killer. Kouji’s a scary son of a bitch when he’s angry, damn near killing new found allies when they try to convince him to let an enemy escape so they can find his base.

Subs are being released at

flcl rules, but im talking new anime, like made in the past two years


Just pick one. :wink:

I don’t have time right now, but I can go through those lists and give a few reccomendations later. :slight_smile:

Hellsing OVA.

GunXsword, its not the best but i enjoyed it.

Sengoku no Basara has been pretty good up til now
Also, for a more comical anime, try Asu No Yoichi

Darker than Black.
It was made in 2007. Similiar to Big-O in setting, but not in plot. It’s pretty cool - it’s on my top ten.

Can you also recommend me some new anime which is identical to Gakuen Alice and Fruitbasket?