Never heard of this before.

Some guy claims he found a proto FF1 NES cart at a garage sale last year, posts screenshots.

Says the changes are mostly enemy names, a few typos, some areas having the wrong battle background.

Looks pretty realistic to me. Neat.

that is neat, i found a original copy of FF1 in mint condition for 5$ at a garage sale last year. has everything with it, and everything is mint, pretty rare.

I need to check out garage and yard sales more often O.O

You never know what you’ll find.

The last one I went to I bought paper boy for my sega.

Hell, a few months ago I found a NES in mint condition at a garage sale and got it along with four additional games (plus that SMB/DuckHunt bundle bringing the total up to six) for $39 bucks. Though the games I got with the NES were Top Gun, Star Voyager, Tiger-Heli, and Golf so this wasn’t the best deal I have seen at a garage sale, but it was the best one I made.

That’s awesome. Somebody should convince the guy to dump the ROM so that everybody else can play the proto too. I’m sure people would be willing to send him the expense it would cost to send it to somebody who can dump it for him, and send it back.

What does that mean? Proto cart?

Prototype? It’s a test / beta version of a game, before development is complete. A rough draft. This could be real, but if I had to bet I’d say it’s fake. And anytime someone is saying stuff like “I know where it came from but I’m not really at liberty to discuss it” they’re full of shit.

I’ll believe it. Some people don’t know what to do with stuff, so when they sell it they sell it cheap. Plus if it was pirated, you would know. I once got a bootleg version of the first Sonic adventure, I didn’t know when I bought it from GameStop but it was oblivious later, it had no cover and it wouldn’t save.:no2: