Never have I witnessed such a grand display of arrogance, on your parts, td and val.

A hellish nightmare? Does that work?

Xelo: How could I forget, you keep trying to sleep with me on ICQ. -_-

Sin, theres somthing you should know about me, back in 1982, your mother was working at a bed and breakfast, I happened to be working at the same place, as a handy man. It was not soon after, our love blossomed. To make a short story shorter: Sin, I am your father!


alright, that’s it, i’m definately gonna start thinking of a way to cheat myself into this family tree…

Hey, uh, Char, if you give me a sprite, I’ll make that avatar look a bit better.

And I’m dropping them into acid becasue I can.

How could it possibly look better? I change my mind, never before have I seen arrogance on a grander scale than just now, epic!

considers sending Epic his sprite and becoming prince of the loosers

I wish I had a 16-bit sprite ;_;

(of Mamimi, not Isis)

But look how pretty it is!

<center> </center>

And for the rest of you, stop sending me requests to keep changing the same image!

I wasn’t actually going to. Unless you wanted me to…

I dont see a difference…

Yours has a huge pure black area where you erased the sky. And it was regarding someone else Wizardmaster.

So you’re saying you’d be willing to do it? How about “Wizard of the Loosers”?

No, no, I’ve made enough, I just wasn’t yelling at you.

well, i asked you because i cannot make one of my own.

at least, not like the ones you’ve made, as all i have is ms paint.

I made them in Paint, then just used Photoshop to do the cloud effect and that weird thing to the castle.

Well what do you know, you’re right!

Any way, ask me too make you an avatar. my skills are far beyond that of epics. I made Sins and Dragon gods! arent they wonderfull!?

Yeah, Charl, if you make your screen brighter you’ll see the difference.

Yeah, really, ask Char. I’m not good in Photoshop.

in that case, charl, ya think you can make an avvie like that with my sprite and saying “lord of senselessness”?

and epic: i don’t have photoshop, so i can’t give them that sort of detail…