I have a Cat 5e cross cable linking my 2 computers. Their firewalls are set to trust the range of IPs they’re in, they’re in the same work group, they can ping each other and both have LAN connections yet they don’t see each other on the network. Why?

By “they don’t see each other on the network”, do you mean the “Network Neighborhood” area on your desktop?

Is this the follow up the “transfer files” thread? You want to send files right?

And what version of Windows?

(I’m not too good with networking, but i’ll try to help you. Hopefully DS will come 'round)

Do you mean that they simply dont appear on the network neighbourhood or that they dont show any shared resources or are unable to be browsed?

Also are you using the simple file sharing or have you disabled it for the more Win2K style interface?

If they ping then its a windows setting causing the issue

Ahh screw it, im going to do it anyway and go whole hog.

First things first.

Open up a command prompt and type “net view”
This will bring up a list of all connected clients as specified by the Master Browser.
If only your comp is visable on it (which is rather likely), close the command prompt and open an exploer window (not internet explorer), something like “My Computer”. Click in the address bar and type in //ipnumber

In your case I think its // or something
The ip you should type in is that of the OTHER computer, not yours :stuck_out_tongue:
If this works, then you have a Master Browser issue, which can be safely ignored by mapping the //ipnumber to a drive letter and just using that in future.

If that doesnt work, Ive got to go to a meeting so ill give you part 2 later this evening :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. The computers currently can’t see each other on the network neighbourhood. BEFORE I changed their ips (just a little tweek to the last number, within the range of my firewall) and their workgroup (which is still the same), one would see the other (only one of the 2) in addition to itself but I would not be able to browse the shared ressources.

The ip trick doesn’t work, but the cmd net view shows both of them.

edit: WHAT THE HELL! They see each other and show the shared ressources now! Ok it works now although it didn’t last night when even Zero had no clue what was going on. Thanks again guys x_x

What you’ve experienced isn’t an unknown or uncommon problem in workgroups, so you might want to map shares using IPs.

Oh, and it’s \, not //

Translate that please ;;>.>. Oh and the slashes Nulani mentionned work.

Will a simplification do?

I don’t need simplifications, I mostly can figure it out as long as I know what the terms mean and what stuff does.

It means it is likely to happen again, and that using Start - Run - \<IP-Address> would still work when it does. And that when you use Tools - Map Network Drive, you should use IP-Addresses.

GAH! I cant believe I used the wrong slashes, I feel like such a fool now ;_;
That will teach me to not proof read my replies!

You don’t deserve to live anymore, Shalaca!

me commits seppuku

You forgot the /. You fail at killing yourself.