What can I say… I became curious after the millionth Netflix ad I saw when visiting It actually sounds pretty nifty, so I’m sort of thinking about trying it out. Considering renting at the Blockbuster is over $4 per movie, the money part doesn’t sound too bad provided enough movies are viewed.

Do any of you use Netflix, or have you tried it before? I’d like to know what you think.

Yes I’ve used it, and I highly recommend it. Whether you should switch over or stick with Blockbuster though really depends on your movie habits. If you make a habit of regularly watching movies (And have the discipline to mail back the DVDs, that’s key) then by all means go for it. If you only rent movies for watching with company or something though, you’ll probably want to stick with the rental places.

I’ve used it for a year or so, and I also highly reccomend it. Since it’s summer, I go through about a movie or two a day, so for only $20 a month, I’m getting about 50 movies. And they have a very large library, so there’s plenty for you to choose from. And they even reccomend you stuff, and it’s good, because if you’re like me and you watch a lot of movies then you start running out of your own ideas.

But CH is right, if you only watch movies with friends every so often, then this isn’t really for you, because that one movie you’re gonna watch that one night and return the next morning for $4 is way better than $20 a month for movies you may never watch.

They’re also pretty smart people. One time I accidentally put two movies in one envelope and sent it back and they sent me an email saying they got both movies.

And Vicki, you’ll get your movies pretty quick. They set up a distribution center in Dahlonaga (sp?) Georgia, so it’s really only a few hours away from whichever Carolina you live in.

Thanks for the feedback.

I have a question about the monthly fees - do you have to keep paying each month, even if you don’t get movies during the period, in order to stay a member?