Neo TG Sohimedge Lavigne

Which name should Flint go by?

I voted for classic TG Flintedge vintage

Retro TG Flintedge.

sk8r 'edge

It was spelled Chimejiruru, for the record.
And lucky this was the most recent topic in here cause I’d never look at the polling forum if I didn’t see the topic title on the list.
I suppose I shouldn’t vote due to conflict of interest.

Classic TG Flintedge from the old days.

Did you use any other names for an appreciable amount of time, Flint?

Okay, Flint. The poll is closed. The people have spoken. You need to change your name back to TG Flintedge or be BAND.

I dunno. It’s pretty close. Former vice-moderator Sohee can demand a recount, but it’ll probably be overruled since TG Flintedge has supporters on the admin panel

I don’t want to no former vice mod pushin’ me around. I voted TG Flintedge and I demand TG Flintedge!