I just rented the DVD and my favourite parts was when Data dived between the 2 ships. Super Data!

Man, I’m gonna try and get that sometime this week. I still haven’t watched it ;_;.

It’s only a matter of time before my family gets it, we’ve been going crazy when it comes to buying DVDs lately

First Contact was better, but what Chris said was pretty cool.:cool: I liked the huge cloaking battleshp of death and the beginning scene with the radiation. You know the bit I’m talking about.:hahaha;

From what I have heard it wasn’t very good, and that the scriptwriter hated Star Trek. Not only that, but I have also heard that is will most likely not be included in the storyline - effectivily erasing it from the Star Trek universe.

Needlessly to say, I don’t intend to watch it.

To me, it seemed like they were trying to bank off the success that the search for spock brought to the original star trek movies. I think it was good, but then again, I eat up everything Star Trek anyway, so I think I’m bias.

its dove, actually. Just so ya know :stuck_out_tongue:

I never saw this movie, but what does it say about me when I saw the thread title and immediately thought of the FFX superboss? :thud:

It says that you don’t spend nearly enough time with trekkies Vicki:hmm:

As for the movie, it seems to have gotten a lot of decent reviews and I’ll probably plan to rent it when I have the time.