Need Writer for FFVI-2 RPG.

I’m gathering resources to create a sequel to the best FF rpg. And my most important resource is the story. If you think you can come up with a rockin’ story following the original FFVI, then post a reply and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

Sounds like an interesting idea, but it would help if there was more information. What’s the current idea for the plot? How are you going to go about making it? Or any details you could think of really.

And what three girls are you gonna use? Let’s see … one of 'em will definitely be Relm, and another will hafta likely be either Yuna or Celes, and the third will be some completely new female character who appears to be an improved female version of an oft-disliked male character from a previous installment in the series … hmm …

Hmm. Post ff6 story. Well there’s possibility there. Difficult though considering you’d have to create a completely new villian.

Oh, pfft, creating a new villain is easy if you have any creativity whatsoever. Creating someone as awesome as Kefka without being a complete ripoff on anything else, now, that’d take genius.

Just a thought: might be neat to do a prequel instead of a sequel. Y’know, explore the history of the War of Magi 1000 years ago? It would require a bit of research to make sure it matches in-game canon, but it could be interesting.

Making a sequel would require research to fit ingame canon, too.

Unless everyone dies.

Very good point! I was just thinking along the lines “I really can’t remember all the details from when they recount the history”. I certainly didn’t mean to imply that there wouldn’t need to be research for a sequel as well! Heaven only knows the uproar if something was made that contradicted canon! :get it?:

I wonder where the originator of this thread disappeared to?