Need some help in Tales of Phantasia...

Okay, I now have to head to Dhaos’s castle, but before that, I wanted to go buy some extra Rune Bottles. I was told you could buy them at Alvinasta or Olive Village. The thing is, I’m lost. :frowning:
The last place I saved was that town near the castle (Midgard, I think), and I have NO idea where to go. I havn;t played the game in awhile, and I TOTALLY dont remember the world map. I can barely find my way a few “yards” from Midgard without hitting a dead end. I almost want to cry.
Could somebody PLEASE help? Thicth one of those towns is closer to Midgard, and what’s the fastest way to get there?

I’m pretty sure Olive Village is closer, and you can get there by going sort of southwest from Midgard, and through the desert around the mountain range through the middle, I think the town is on the left side of said mountain range in the desert.

Thankies. :kissy:

And If I was wrong about Loive village having them, then Alvanista’s shop has them. Go to where the race mini-game starts, walk down, and to the left. There should be a shop there.

Thankies. :kissy:

Again. :slight_smile:

The only place that sells Rune Bottles right now is Alvanista and if you need some quick money go to Dahos’s Castle. The enemies there drop more than 1000 per fight and maybe some ?weapons that turn into Moon Flaux.

I have another small question, and I dont wanna bother mkaing a new thread.

Do Meedicinal Herbs accualy do anything, or can I just hock 'em?

Like I said, just sell 'em. They’re good money.

It is best to wait until you arrive in the future before you sell the herbs; they are worth more then.

You can also gather the herbs again in the future.