need new rpg for ps1 or snes

anyone got any suggestions?
i currently have these games
parasite eve 1 and 2
final fantasy 7,8,9
suikoden 1 and 2
brave fencer musashi

breath of fire
final fantasy 3
final fantasy mystic quest
illusion of gaia
zelda: a link to the past
super mario rpg

help is much appreciated!

Are these the only games you’ve played?

omg parasite eve 2 gimme gimme gimme

Uhm. I’d reccomend Wild ARMs 1 & 2.

Man, there’s a TON of stuff.

SNES (I suggest emulating).
Final Fantasy VI
Lufia I & II (Play I first, Lufia II will spoil you otherwise)
Breath of Fire II (Better than BoFI, my favorite in the series)
Tales of Phantasia
Seiken Densetsu 2 (AKA Secret of Mana)
Seiken Densetsu 3 (AKA Secret of Mana 2)
And that’s just to name a few…

Chrono Cross (Not as good as Trigger for most, bad game for some. Personally, I loved it)
Xenogears (Easily the best plot I’ve ever seen)
Final Fantasy Tactics
Legend of Mana
Breath of Fire III & IV
Valkyrie Profile
Vagrant Story (I think it’s flaws are bigger than it’s merits, but it’s still very good)
Lunar Silver Star Story Complete (Lunar I)
Lunar Eternal Blue Complete (Lunar II)
And so on…

Nice going SE, pretty much covered what I was going to say.

Here are a few more:

Seventh Saga
Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Treasure Hunter G
Paladin’s Quest
Star Ocean
Romancing SaGa
Romancing SaGa 2
Romancing SaGa 3
Bahamut Lagoon

Tales of Destiny 1
Tales of Destiny 2
SaGa Frontier
SaGa Frontier 2
Thousand Arms
Beyond the Beyond
Dragon Quest VII
Star Ocean 2
Threads of Fate

If you go to any serious information site, I personally recommend wikipedia, then you can just list the developer names and get whole lists of what they have made, try (of course) Squaresoft, Atlus, Enix, or any others you can think of.

Edit: SE was also completely right about emulation, unless you happen to be rather connected or wealthy, that is.

You kept your copy of Suikoden II? Lucky bastard!

SE and Daravon covered just about everything I was going to suggest, save one.

I have no idea HOW you could ever get it, but if you come across a copy of Arc the Lad COllections, GET IT. GET IT AND NEVER LET GO.


There’s a Toys 'R Us by my parents house that has had a copy of that sitting on a shelf for like three years. I bet it is still there. Should I go try to get it?

Personally, I recommend playing Final Fantasy Tactics. You can find it as a greatest hits title, so it will be cheap, and it is an amazing game.

donkey kong is good for the SNES umm… mario games



I’ve come across a few copies of Grandia 1 Ps1… why should I buy it?

I did recently, and I must say I do not regret it.

I like some of the adult humor in it, and the graphics were nifty at times. Kind of reminded me of Xenogears, but an FFX style battle system.

<b>PS1</b>: Legend of Legaia, Vanguard Bandits, Chrono Cross, Xenogears

Damn. That good, huh?

Imma go look for it this weekend when I go visit the 'rents.

I will treasure my copy that i was lucky enough to find over last summer. It was like, $120, but i was able to just work on a website to earn it. Having older friends that own gaming stores is awesome. I love the analog covers.

Everyone mentioned everything I would say. If you’re interested I have a collection with a lot of those games for sale on Ebay right now.

Oh, God, I would KILL for that Suikoden 2, but I already have most of the other games, even the SNES carts!


I got FF Tactics and the strategy is get an army and use them to finish the task, like defeat enimies or save someone