Need input on an idea. (Pokemon Ru/Sa)

I’m thinking of inserting the noises the Pokemon make as embedded sounds in their Pokedex pages. Good/bad idea? On one hand it would sound awesome, but on the other it would add a hefty ton of bandwidth to the shrine, even in .wav form.

Bad time. Embedded sounds are generally bad. However, a little link to their roar or whatever, while useless, would be the way to do it.

Embedded sounds kill babies.

Interesting idea though. But like you said, it’d be like a kick in the teeth with a frozen boot for our bandwidth.

So would like 984 said, just linking to a sound file, be okay?

Yeah, just make the files sizes as small as possible. If it comes down to it, I’ve got a sound editing program that’ll work really good if you want it.

S’okay. I have a couple as well. ¬_¬