Need help with Wind Waker

I’m trying to get the triforce chart number three. How do I contorl the seagulls using a Hoyi Pear? (Misspelled I know, sorry.)

Hm, I don’t recall anything difficult about that. All you should have to do is stand somewhere on land where there’s seagulls around and use one o’ them pears to switch control over to a seagull.

As Macc said, you just use the pear as with any other object, if there are seagulls nearby you’ll get one. Or are you having trouble hitting the switch? Some are gaurded by annoying bird things, you can try to shoot them down before possesing a seagull.

weak laugh I figured out my problem… my bait bag was too full so I couldn’t get the hyoi furits… ::doh:: Silly me…