Need help with a final

Yeah this should be on the homework board, but not too many people go there and I need help fast.

I’m making a FF6 based deck of cards for a final, and I have everything but the face cards, and I have no idea on how I should make them. The basic premise of the cards id that there are 4 characters and a monster with one character attacking. The attacking character says the suit, and the damage is the number. For example, Terra is out attacking, and there is a 3 on the enemy, that would be the 3 of Terras. Basically could you throw out ideas on how I could go about making the face cards? The layout of the cards can’t be a standard card layout either, it has to be something creative, so I can’t just put Terras face with a J next to it for a Jack.

<img src=“”> King: that screenshot where Gesthal is adressing the soldies, and they all hail him.

you could use another character to signify the face cards, such as if you havnt used him, Edgar for Kings

I have two ideas you could try, I’m not really sure whether their any good but here goes:

  1. You could have the person who represents the suit, bowing down to someone who could represent the king/queen/jack, whoever you want to use.

  2. You could have an image of someone that the character holds in repect as high as a King/Queen/Jack(or possiblely people who the charcter has a strong connection with, ie Sabin and Edgar, if one was the suit, the other could be one of the face cards, since they have the brotherly connection)

And by the way what exactly is this deck for? I mean like what reason are you doing it, and for whom (or what subbject)?

TD, thanks for the idea, I may use that.

SD, the point of having a character as a suit is to keep it uniform, You may get it right away, but for someone that has never played FF6, they would look at you like you were nuts if you changed the character that represents the suit.

HS, the deck is for my digital imaging final, it determines my grade and is due in just under 24 hours.

no frame i meant have 1 character represent the king, along with the character that represents the suit. It just kinda was said poorly on my part. What I meant was another character on the card to represent the face cards.

Make the face card of, say the suit represented by Terra, Terra as the ‘queen’ (in her esper form, seeing as it could be seen as more regal than her regular form). Have Locke as the King, as they were the two characters that seemed to connect (I’m not exactly sure, it’s been a LONG while since I’ve played FF6). Have Moogles as the Ace cards, seeing as they could be anywhere, and are actually pretty damned strong (Ace <u>usually</u> represents the most ‘powerful’ card, while also being able to be very low, 1 and 11 in some games.) That’s just my idea though…

<img src=“”> You’d better post that thing here when it’s done.

Yeah, post it like a fox… >.>

Originally posted by Tenchimaru Draconis
<img src=“”> You’d better post that thing here when it’s done.


Ok, I’ll post it. Need to finish it first

Maybe you should get some inspiration out of basic tarot cards. It would fit better anyways, and since normal decks we play our games with these days originated from the known tarot cards…

If you need more info, let me know.

I’m with Steve’s idea. Locke seems to make a good king (him being royalty :P) and Terra in her Esper form makes a good queen, since later on in the game, Terra is indomitable when she’s in Esper form.

Queen= Madonna