need help in ffx-2. HELP!!!

im a noob and i dont know how too beat the ‘where’s wakka?’ thing! i have the clues and stuff and i still dont know! could ya pez help me, the poor baka?


ya…this is a help bord…

Be patient! It’s not like people browse the board all day, you know.

Could you give us a bit more information though? Did you find all the numbers?

Wow, um dont bump the second topic, it’s bad form. Anyway, yay gamefaqs.

  • enter Besaid and speak with Wakka
  • take a walk with Lulu
  • rest at Lulu’s place
  • exit Lulu’s place and speak with her outside to start the mission
  • find the four ciphers (look for shiny spots)
    • 1st digit: on the way toward the beach but before the getting
      to the waterfalls
    • 4th digit: after finding the 1st digit, exit to the next area
      and hop onto the first ruin to your right
    • 3rd digit: once you reach the beach, hop onto the ledge to your
      left (look for some kids as soon as the screen changes to the
      beach area)
    • 2nd digit: far side (away from the entrance) of Besaid beach
      on top of some greenery
  • enter the digits to get inside the secret cave and speak to Wakka
  • defeat the boss; mission complete

That what you need?

Deadtear beat me to it too. Sigh. However whats with the lame game box design. Im sure its from a real game, but its stupid.