Need help finding program

Alright people I need help finding a program that arranges all the information in your computer in neat little boxes so it’s easy to see all your data and delete if necessary. I just can’t seem to remember the name of it. Any and all information is appreciated thanks.

Hi there, I personally have never used a program to sort out files on my computer, but these are what I have come across:

Digital Janitor:

AKS Desktop Clear:

However I’m not sure exactly, if they are what you’re after… but I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks but I finally found it,is called spacemonger,thanks anyway

Hey that sounds useful, I’m going to check it out too. Thanks Mune! :slight_smile:

Tell me how that goes will,it’s a very good program that a friend of mine found a long time ago and it’s very useful