Need a little PSP help...

<img src=“”>

I would like the gold aura translucent, but I don’t know how. Of course, I could simply do without the transparency, but I think it’s better with it.

So any help?

EDIT: It won’t work, gifs and the internet don’t allow translucency. Only transparent or not.

That’s a png though. But ah well. I’ll ditch the transparency then, and fill in the letters.

Yeah. The internet is a bitch like that. Maybe one day. :\

Any ideas on making it look better?

Dancing Naked Females. Catgirls will do, since that’s your thing, mate.

The Aussie speaks truth.

:D~~~~~~~ Naked Dancing Catgrrrrrlssss… ‘xcept they have the darn "None of this shi’ or you get busted"-policy written on them 8[

Pi, Batsy’ll win since he has the bat-shark-repellant-spray.

But then again, you have to take into account the fact that the shark is strapped onto him so he can’t exactly get away from it that way.

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Big Nutter
(Brother (over radio), Chapter 2, Gagazet, FFX-2)

.png does, but IE doesn’t.

Oh well. Silly IE.

Use Mozilla or Opera.

You’re mean. But impressive. Note that Evil Baby Jesus’s head isnt’ supposed to be translucent.

There, best I can do.


That’s EVIL. Evil I tell you. The evil baby Jesus part gave it away. It’s also blasphemy. You guys are gonna get such a smiting. Edges away.

Now it looks jsut kinda ew. Oh well.

Bad source.

I’m not that bad.