who has beaten necron from ff9 :too bad:

raises hand

I have a few times.

Everyone here who owns FFIX.

I’ve not got that far but I probably can If I wasn’t working on Poké

I would have if my PS2 didn’t stop working.

Not I. I have boycotted beating Final Fantasy games, because the final dungeons are long and boring.

Necron-who? Oh yeah, that guy who shows up at the very last second to announce that he is the real final boss… Right right… the bad plot twist guy…

Yeah, his punk ass was beat… what about him?

I beat him.

Let me just check…

Yeah, I beat him. No problem.



It’s been a long time, but I beat him. The only thing I recall about the fight is that it was really easy. Then again, that’s probably because I was level 99 because I power-levelled to beat Ozma. Now that boss was a pain in the ass!

If you take off all the cool little stat upgrades you have for abilities and puton stat protections then you’ll beat Necron just fine.

Why in the hell did you need to be level 99 to beat Ozma? He’s not that tough.

The first time I fought him I was around level 60. He kept double Meteorinng my ass and killing me instantly. At level 99 he tried to do it too, but I could live it.

Even at level 99, double Meteor can kill you if you are unlucky. All you have to do to beat Ozma is hit it hard and fast to kill it before it kills you. I did it at level 63 before going to Terra.

If I remember corectly, my Steiner was the only one that lived it. I quickly revived Eiko who then cast Phoenix to revive the others. I guess I was lucky enough to heal in time before he did it again.

I beat him after a renting of FFIX

I beat him too. It was the first and only time that a FF final boss posed a LITTLE challenge. You know, I beat FFs only after getting 100% from the game but in FFIX I hadn’ t beaten Ozuma. I beat him too soon… :noway:

Umm… I beat him a couple of times (I liked the ending, sue me :P)… Just out of curiosity, is there a particular reason you’re asking, or just sort of polling people?