NBA Finals

So anybody here is seeing/saw the game?

I’m not much into basketball,actually the only reason i am seeing the score of the game is because i want the Lakers to lose,i dn’t know why but i never liked the Lakers.

So what are your thoughts about the game?

I said Pistons in 7 in the Finals from the beginning of the playoffs.

I think the Lakers will have trouble dealing with the Pistons’ defense. Pistons in six.


Lakers rock.

I hate the NBA, its more about what goes on off the court than on the court =/

College basketball is much better.

the only interesting thing about the NBA playoffs this year are the ESPN commercials featuring The Black Peas.

I’m not too fond of the NBA either. I mean, the refs barely call any right calls. 3/4’s of the calls they made are complete BS. I usually tune in for the NBA during the playoffs.

I think it’s interesting: a team with no superstar and a great defense is facing a team with two superstars and an erratic offense. Not that I’m biased, being in Michigan. . .

I have three thoughts on this:

  1. My mom is from Detroit.
  2. I hate the Lakers.
  3. My brother’s friend once said that every time the Lakers score, it feels like a natural disaster is or should be occurring somewhere. I agree fully.

One guess for who I’m rooting for.

<img src=“”> While I hate the Lakers for winning every year, there is a greater hate for Detroit. That stupid team stole our chance of reaching the playoffs, while acting like cocky A-Holes. They won the first game, but I hope the Lakers get off their ass and beat them harder then Robocop on a street punk.

For more of my hateage of the city of Detroit (world worst city), then read my classic TRT episode, Battlefield Detroit. :moogle:

A-holes you say? How dare they.

The Pacers?