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Hellsing Ultimate episode 1 is out!

It’s just the raw, but it’s Hellsing, so odds are that the art is more than good enough to warrant a watch asap.

The timing is absolutely perfect, my aunt is out of town and I can use her computer at will. Downloading now :smiley:

sadly I must wait till I’ve badgered someone who lives off campus into getting a copy to me… damned university firewall

The tracker doesn’t want to answer me ;_;

This is actually just half of the first episode. Thus the ‘Digest’.

It’s a raw, isn’t it?

I’ll wait till it’s subbed.

Sorry, I’m not a big enough nerd to watch raw untranslated anime.

I’d normally agree but… c’mon it’s Hellsing. I don’t really care about what they are saying as long as I get to see Alucard going medieval on everyone’s ass.

Exactly. The manga is one of the few that I can stare at a raw and just be in awe of.

I still can’t find the manga anywhere except on shitty MSN sites which I refuse to browse out of principle.

So, when was this supposed to be released to the English-speaking world? :smiley:

It’ll probably take quite a while. Maybe after the series is finished…which apparently from what I read will take about 3 years or more >_<

I doubt that. Hellsing was a popular series. I bet on at least two different groups subbing this one, maybe more.

I am talking about a dvd release.

It won’t take long till someone fansubs it though.

Man, I just found out there were three new manga chapters out. I take back what I said about the text, chapter 70 is almost pure text but is just as interesting. From the way it ended, I can’t wait until the next one :smiley:

Can you believe I just realized most chapters are named after video games? I kind of guessed that with “Final Fantasy” but let it slide, now “Might and Magic” and “Castlevania” are another story…

Subs for the win!

and a direct dl for those out there who lack the ability to use torrents

Ok, finished seeing it and it was… okay.

The story is obviously attached to the manga (I think they have almost the exact same lines) which I am very thankful for. The manga characters and situations, while not THAT different from the anime, were better in my opinion. Victoria not being angsty and the occasional bit of humor (Oh God I hope they do the AlucardXAnderson museum scene, I laughed my ass off during that one) is always welcome.

The drawing style is a lot more like the Manga’s and that’s very good. I love that psychotic look on everyone’s faces.

The voice acting… I don’t know if these are the same guys that voiced the original Japanese anime, but the ones that dubbed the spanish version were SO much better. Alucard’s spanish voice is incredible. I can put up with it though.

The music is mediocre. Compared to the AWESOME anime soundtrack, it’s crap.

Overall: Nice, but can be improved a whole lot.

It kind of looks like they are trying to burn through the material covered the last time Hellsing was animated as quickly as possible. I’m quite interested in how things are going to be when they start getting to the more interesting parts of the manga.

As to the voice acting, I rather like Anderson’s voice in this one. He sounds like he’s about half a step from the brink of insanity which is quite fitting with the way he fights.

Something about the way he says Amen irks me… but I’ll admit it’s one of the best voices in there.

I still want better music, or at least reusing the old soundtrack. Logos Naki World fit the series like a glove, I even play it while reading the manga :stuck_out_tongue:

I whole heartedly agree on the music, I just watched this again a couple of hours ago and I already can’t remember any of the music, as opposed to the half dozen or so songs off the old soundtrack that I find myself humming on a regular basis.