native or foreign?

I’ve been wondering about songs sung in a language you don’t know. Would you like the song better if it was in your native language or in the language foreign to you? I’m not sure myself cause I can’t come up with any examples where a song is song in both english and another foreign language. Except for the teen titans theme thats all that comes to mind, I seem to like the Japanese verison better. I’m guessing its just some sort of mystique and or the way the words flow. Anyone know of some other reasons?

I’d love to try some examples if they were given.

heh I don’t care about what language it’s sung in, as long as i can get a transation somewhere so I know what it’s about, and the music is more important to me than the lyrics anyway…

oh and
Shakira!!! you fool how can you forget your goddess:P

I dont care either what language a good song is sung in, but was wondering if people thought about which they could like better. I love music as well, lyrics can help make a song better sometimes or worse. Would love to get a lyric free verison of “big pimpin” by jay z for example.

To me shakira is like any other pop whore, bad voice and too much emphasis on looking slutty. Plus i’ve heard a few shakira songs wasnt impressed. She actually does stuff in Spanish though?

I like most foreign music Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Russian, I love all of them. I like very few American songs or groups. The only American group I really liked was Hanson.

:hahaha; hahaha yeah right…oh you were being serios.
i always wondered what some of those songs they sing in anime would sound like in english like all those dot.hack//sign songs. :moogle:

YES what is wrong with Hanson. :enguard: :enguard:
I don’t really listen to Hanson anymore. (that much)

Anime Music is good but I like the old Japanese Music. With the Shamisen, Koto, Shakuhachi and others.

Shamisen is my one of my favorites.

Also the Koto is one of my favorites.

hey don’t get me wrong… I don’t like Shakira either but she’s damn hot…
I’m a Metalhead all the way…

you know then again with the way american transilate music these day it would be better to leive the music alone. :moogle:

Admiral Nagumo i suggest the band Hiroshima if you like traditional Asian instruments. Various favorite songs of mine : “long walks”, “golden age”, “living in america”, “heavenly angel”, “tabo”, “go”, “one wish”, “from the heart”. Though those songs might not be the best example of their use of traditional instruments, cant remember sorry. I love just about every song of theirs done back in the 80s.

I may just do that.

i like those songs they sing at the end of good role playing games.

like kingdom hearts and final fantasy 8 :moogle:

The song in Final Fantsy VIII sucked… I much prefer the one in Final Fantasy X.

Anyway, I don’t really mind provided it sounds ok. I love Rammstein, but I haven’t a clue as to what they’re talking about.

I only know of two songs that have an English and foreign language version to it… one being the Teen Titans theme (which GSM already pointed out) and “Every Heart” from the Best of Inuyasha soundtrack… it’s an okay song, but it’s not my favorite…

I don’t always have to know what foreign song lyrics are in English… I like the songs just the way they are! Of course, that’s probably just me…

i always wanted to know the words to the first ending song of inyuyasha. you know “my will” or somthin…why do they keep changing the ending theme on inyuyasha :moogle:

Me, too. And I don’t let that stop me from listening to any type of music I like… unlike “TRUE METAL \m/” morons coughManowar%cough. Gamma Ray! \m/

Why should I care what language it’s sung in? I don’t understand a word of Malice Mizer (none of this Gackt stuff, I prefer his old band) or Dir En Grey but they still fucking rock. “Illuminati” is a great song.

%: The poster’s guilty of owning and enjoying Manowar CDs.

I prefer english songs over foreign anyday. I just kinda lose the feeling when it’s being sung in another language. Like the magic is kinda gone. I like about 3 Japanese songs A LOT but it took me awhile to like them and to appreciate them. After listening to them long enough I began to pick up on how it was being sung…I can’t explain it.

I don’t mind, but if I hear it in a foreign language first I don’t look up translations. They just look so sucky, even if the tune is cool. Witness most anime-series OPs and EDs, especially the FMA themes.

I prefer native.
native = chinese :enguard:

On the whole, I should rather hear a song in the language in which it was written and have a word-for-word translation of the lyrics if I cannot understand them. Even though such a translation cannot keep the full genius of the original work, it does help me to at least imagine what the original is like to a point.

I don’t care if it’s in English or Chinese or French; when it’s rap, I can’t understands the words in any one of them :stuck_out_tongue: