Nation States Revival

I recently started getting back into Nation States, and joined RPGCania (RPGC’s region) about four days ago. There were eight (I think) nations then (including my own). There are now eleven. Join the community, man… more people are becoming active, and its a lot of fun, in my opinion. <_<

Oh, yeah… the reason I dropped out before was because I kept forgetting, but now Nation States is my homepage, so that won’t happen again. :stuck_out_tongue: <—My nation. :slight_smile:

Well, to be fair, Roun, two of those nations are mine. But yeah. I heartily recommend people join. I can provide you with custom flags if you so desire.

I just joined up as the Oppressed Peoples of Hidoi Ryuujin. Sounds fairly interesting.

Hmm … maybe I’ll try this out a bit.

No … WE’LL try this out a bit!

<img src=“”> Excellent. More human resources…

“Human resources” always makes me think of people in pods filled with red goo now.


Oh, and by the way, read “Jennifer Government” the novel written by the guy who put this webpage and game together.

It’s a great book, I had it listed in my “favorites” section of my profile, that you see under my fetching little baby avatar…


Yeah, this looks like fun, I think I’ll play too.

Demigodia was already taken, so I’m Arturia Demigodia.

Vonkaiseria exists!

The Confederacy of General Evil lives!

Zoliphiania, the land of the animals who call themselves humans have no rights has been founded…!

Thank you for visiting, and DON’T EAT THE KESTRELS! :o

The Dictatorship of Stevus :smiley:

The Holy Empire of Shoeistan

No shoes, no citizenship.

A browser game?